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You’re committing to conserve what makes California so special. And for that, you could win an incredible reward. Three picturesque but unnamed locations maintained by the Sequoia Riverlands Trust are waiting for you to rename them.

Win a once-in-a-lifetime chance to rename one of these locations by signing up to join the growing movement of Californians fighting climate change and saving energy.

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36.3335° N, 119.1665° W

This Trail

35.0180° N, 119.6089° W

This Meadow

36.4346° N, 119.0229° W

This Lake


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Three lucky Californians win the chance to rename a piece of California.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Goldie?

Goldie is Energy Upgrade California’s text-based energy-saving guide. Each week, Goldie sends fun challenges to help Californians save energy at home and maybe even a little on their energy bills. But wait, there’s more: every Goldie challenge accepted gives you another chance to rename a part of California.

How do I submit a name for that trail, meadow, lake?

Once the sweepstakes has ended, 3 winners will be contacted directly to provide their desired name for the pond, trail or meadow. Submissions will be reviewed by the California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) and the Sequoia Riverlands Trust. Don’t wait! Start thinking of names now!

When will a winner be announced?

The winner will be announced on October 22th, 2021.

How long will these locations be named for?

Once approved, the new name will remain for seven years.